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Why we built ABC Plus

We built ABC Plus, our patent-pending learning application, because I noticed, as a substitute teacher working with students with special needs, that some students looked to me as if they would be able to learn their ABCs – they were intelligent in other ways, it seemed to me – but due to a lack of fine motor skills they were unable to use the alphabet programs that the other students used.

Without that feedback, these students' learning was made more difficult.

Alphabet blocks are not enough, because usually a teacher does not have the time to use blocks one-on-one with a student for long enough for the student to learn their letters this way – there are other students in the classroom who also need attention – and there may be behavioral issues to deal with as well.

But students who have the manual dexterity to use a computer will often sit for long periods of time at a computer, learning from the learning programs on it that they are physically able to access.

The ABC Plus learning program has been designed so that the letters can be banged on with a clenched fist, if that is all that a student can manage, and the program will say the letter. No more dexterity than that is needed.

How you should use the ABC Plus

  1. First, let the student enjoy just banging on the letters and hearing ABC Plus say the letters.
  2. Then, when you feel that the student is ready to play a little game, ask the student to press a specific letter – "press C" – and let them try to do that.

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